High resolution lenses for machine vision — standard and custom lens design

C-Mount Tunable Lens Functionality

High Resolution Lenses for machine vision, instrumentation, inspection and vibration-sensitive applications. Standard and custom hi-res lens assemblies.



With machine vision becoming an important aspect of many businesses’ infrastructure, C-Mount tunable lenses are providing applications such as quality control, sorting and bar code reading. Where as some optical lens setups require manual adjustments to be made based on either different object dimensions or different working distances, C-mount tunable lenses allow for automated adjustments within milliseconds.

Not only do C-Mount tunable lenses allow for automatic refocus within milliseconds based on specific factors, but they also offer cost reductions over time. With the reduction of light source and overall power consumption for the lenses to do its job, the running costs of these customizable lenses saves money.

Many times, to allow for continued adjustments to the focal range of the lens, a custom offset lens can be combined with the C-Mount to achieve either a positive or negative power offset. This incredible functionality allows for short focal lengths along with custom lengths to be used with standard industrial cameras. The ability to focus in on even the minute of details creates the ability to re-configure processes such as bar code labeling and the attachment of sorting labels.

Custom close up configurations for C-Mount lenses can be obtained through Universe Optics conceptual and prototype designs. Various configurations for different applications and specifications may be available upon request.