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Blooming Advantages Of CMOS Lenses

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CMOS Lenses

CMOS Lenses

One of the great advantages of CMOS lenses is that they do not suffer from blooming, also called tearing. Blooming is where the bright part of an images electrons leak from the holding region and spills into neighboring pixels, which results in streaks around that part of the image.

Because of CMOS sensor lenses anti-blooming characteristics, they convert their images into clear and more precise visuals. Also, their improved power consumption and speed give them the advantage as previous issues resulting from the progression of these lenses no longer come into play. When deciding what type of lens to use it’s best to research your specific needs to come up with the best choice for your specific applications.

Universe optics lens application engineers provide the exact lens solution you need for your applications. Universe will assist with all design consideration from concept to assembly, based around your specific budget and time constraints! To learn more visit our website at universeoptics.com or call 516.624.2444.