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Barcode Scanning for Medication Dispensing

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Med Dispensing

Med Dispensing

With pharmaceutical medication sales at an all-time high and growing more every day it can be difficult to keep track of them all. This is exactly what Rand Memorial Hospital in Freeport, Grand Bahamas had on its mind when they introduced brand new pharmaceutical equipment to its establishment. With hundreds of patients taking many different medications it can be very difficult to keep accurate records. So they recently implemented a new pharmaceutical system that utilizes barcode scanning to assist them.

This new system is leading the way in automated medication dispensing. It features a unique barcode scanning lens assembly that accurately reads each patient’s medical condition and dishes out the correct medication on file at the proper doses. The intelligence of the barcode scanning lens ensures there are no mistakes made in the medication that is given to the patients. The device also senses when high risk medication is needed and signals an alert for an added safety precaution.

This device is an innovative technology that can really lead the way in preventing overdoses and medication mix ups in health facilities. By utilizing the imaging precision on a barcode scanning lens assembly physicians can be sure they are getting an accurate reading every time and also getting the specific medication requirements for each and every patient. This technology has great potential to take off in the health field and provide one more step in making health facilities safer and more precise.

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