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What Are Vision Inspection Systems?


Vision inspection systems (sometimes referred to as machine vision systems) provide image-based inspection automated for your convenience for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. Though not a new technology, 2D and 3D machine vision systems are now commonly used for automated inspection, robot guidance, quality control and sorting, and [...]

What Are Vision Inspection Systems?2020-04-28T18:12:28-04:00

Monitoring Air Quality


Air quality is an increasing concern in the industrialized world.  According to the World Health Organization, (WHO), air pollution causes two million death annually in China, India and Pakistan. Moreover, ‘premature death’ of seven million people worldwide each year is due to the health hazards of air pollution. Several severe [...]

Monitoring Air Quality2020-04-28T18:12:29-04:00

Industrial Machine Vision Systems


Machine Vision is the technology and methods used to provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for many different applications. It is found in automatic inspection, process control, and robot guidance. It’s a term that encompasses a large number of technologies, software and hardware products, integrated systems, actions, methods and expertise. [...]

Industrial Machine Vision Systems2020-04-28T18:12:29-04:00

Four Reasons To Use Video Surveillance


CCTV security and/or video are quickly becoming the most efficient and cost-effective way to provide security in and around the workplace. The highly advanced technology of the modern security camera allows businesses to lower cost and risk by protecting their employees and assets through continuous monitoring of their facilities, grounds [...]

Four Reasons To Use Video Surveillance2020-04-28T18:12:29-04:00

Analyzing Cannabis With Near Infrared Spectroscopy


The legal cannabis industry in the United States is currently experiencing a boom in economic growth, even though it is still illegal at the federal level and in about one-third of the states. To date, the industry in the U.S. hasbecome a nearly $11 billion business – a figure that [...]

Analyzing Cannabis With Near Infrared Spectroscopy2020-04-28T18:12:29-04:00

Deep Learning-based Analysis


Radiological x-rays, ultrasounds and NMR’s are all forms of medical imaging that have traditionally required the flexibility of the human eye to detect anomalies within the human body. Since a computer is confused by busy backgrounds and image quality issues, it is difficult for a traditional machine vision algorithm to [...]

Deep Learning-based Analysis2020-04-28T18:12:29-04:00

Using 1-D Or 2-D Barcodes


In most industries, barcodes of one type or another can be found. Barcode applications have transformed the face of manufacturing, processing, and tracking. Industries like food and beverage, retail, medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, distribution, aerospace and automotive industries, to name a few, rely on barcodes in one way or another.  They [...]

Using 1-D Or 2-D Barcodes2020-05-03T11:58:49-04:00

Six Tools To Best Predict And Track Storms


Earlier severe storm warnings, more detailed seasonal precipitation forecasts, and improved weather prediction capabilities are all critically important to public safety, national security, and economic growth. With improved predictability of impending severe weather, people would be able to prepare, or get out of harm’s way, could potentially improve agricultural yields, [...]

Six Tools To Best Predict And Track Storms2020-04-28T18:12:30-04:00

Use Of Infrared Cameras In Reconnaissance Robots


Various infrared and thermal-imaging devices help detect covert threats, objects, and suspects. Unlike standard image intensifiers that amplify low levels of light, thermal imagers are more sensitive to infrared (IR) light. Therefore, they are not susceptible to ‘blooming’, which is a condition caused when a bright-light source relative to the [...]

Use Of Infrared Cameras In Reconnaissance Robots2020-04-28T18:12:30-04:00
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