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Time-Of-Flight Cameras


New and expanding ideas of how we look at things is growing almost at an exponential pace. Engineers, scientists and designers are always looking for ways to see things we’ve never seen before. One piece of this emerging technology is what’s known as Time-of-Flight (ToF) cameras. The easiest way of [...]

Time-Of-Flight Cameras2020-04-28T18:12:27-04:00

Ultraviolet Irradiation


Recent studies have shown that a wide variety of such contaminants exist at trace concentrations in all water supplies and in the air. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a method of disinfection that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their [...]

Ultraviolet Irradiation2020-04-28T18:12:27-04:00

Using Smart Cameras to Check Bottles


In a recent article we talked about the use of machine vision in the ever-expanding food and beverage industry. Using smart cameras to check bottles allows for packaging facilities to inspect the entire bottle without anyone ever touching one. […]

Using Smart Cameras to Check Bottles2020-04-28T18:12:27-04:00

Machine Vision Benefits The Food & Beverage Industry


With the advent of high-speed processing and packing lines in the food industry, the risk of an item being mis-labeled, along with the task of checking every single package, can, or bottle has become far more complex. The human eye simply cannot do it. […]

Machine Vision Benefits The Food & Beverage Industry2020-05-03T11:58:52-04:00

Thermal Imaging Cameras And Radar Technology


Businesses face many types of security challenges; from monitoring multiple sites simultaneously to preventing unauthorized entry, and theft detection. Designing a system to meet the needs of various properties can be complex and costly. This is why the automation and reliability of wide-area monitoring and perimeter systems are critical. With [...]

Thermal Imaging Cameras And Radar Technology2020-04-28T18:12:27-04:00

Industrial Robotics And Machine Vision In The Auto Industry


Since the days Henry Ford first introduced the assembly line in the early 1900’s, the automotive industry has led the way in regards to manufacturing technology. […]

Industrial Robotics And Machine Vision In The Auto Industry2020-05-03T11:58:53-04:00

Choosing Ultraviolet Energy For Wastewater Disinfection


Ultraviolet or UV energy is found in the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and x-rays and can best be described as invisible radiation. In order to kill microorganisms, the UV rays must actually strike the cell. UV, or ultraviolet light, disinfects waste water by damaging the DNA and RNA of [...]

Choosing Ultraviolet Energy For Wastewater Disinfection2020-04-28T18:12:28-04:00

The Use Of Drone Technology In The Building Industry


In the past few years, the technology built into drones has changed dramatically. Technology that was once only available to military personnel is now available in the civilian market, which allows many industries to cash in on the ability to use drone technology in multiple ways. […]

The Use Of Drone Technology In The Building Industry2020-04-28T18:12:28-04:00

Laser Diode Collimators


Laser diode collimators are used to collimate the highly divergent beam that is emitted by a laser diode. It consists of a laser diode holder, a collimating lens holder, and a high numerical aperture (NA) collimating lens, with a focal length f. The lens is housed in a threaded receptacle [...]

Laser Diode Collimators2020-04-28T18:12:28-04:00

Using Machine Vision For Other Optical Exams


The reason most people visit their optician or ophthalmologist is to have their eyesight tested. However, more than just a routine eye exam can be evaluated when the doctor examines the eyes. A simple ophthalmic exam can reveal signs of systemic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, and in the [...]

Using Machine Vision For Other Optical Exams2020-04-28T18:12:28-04:00
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