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The Endoscope Capsule – A Camera in a Pill

Pop this pill, and eight hours later, doctors can examine a high-resolution video of your intestines for tumors and other problems, thanks to a new spinning pill camera that captures images in 360 degrees. Developed by the Japanese RF System Lab, the Sayaka endoscope capsule entered the U.S. market in 2008. An endoscope is a […]


Optical Imaging And Traumatic Brain Injury

Optical imaging is a technique for non-invasively looking inside the body, as is done with x-rays.  But, unlike x-rays, which use ionizing radiation, optical imaging uses visible light and the special properties of photons to obtain detailed images of organs and tissues as well as smaller structures including cells and even molecules. Because it is […]

African Elephant Poaching

Using Drones To Stop Poaching

By the time you finish reading this article, another elephant will have been killed by poaching in Africa for its ivory. Every 20 minutes, every single day, another elephant is massacred. In 2014 alone, 40,000 elephants and over 1,200 rhinos were killed by poachers. If this rate continues, that will lead to both of these […]

Fiber Endoscope

Scanning Fiber Endoscope

Strokes and heart attacks often strike without warning. However, a unique application of a medical camera, a scanning fiber endoscope (SFE), could one day help physicians know who is at risk for a cardiovascular event by providing a better view of potential problem areas. The scanning fiber endoscope (SFE) acquires high-quality images of atherosclerotic lesions […]

Bees And Drones

What can a drone (UAV’s/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) learn from a worker bee?  It seems that almost monthly, the news feeds carry at least one story about the newest and greatest development in drone aircraft. From intelligent robotic co-workers to cars, with a host of implementations in-between, drones are making headlines.  If these systems are to […]

Machine Vision Manufacturing

Robotics In Manufacturing

From the grocery store to the factory floor, once common jobs have become tasks done through robotic technology. The ability to automate work and use artificial intelligence to augment everyday tasks is ever growing, and the nature of change in the workforce is accelerating as robotics in manufacturing, the whir of drones grows louder in […]

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6 Ways Unmanned Drones Can Help Law Enforcement Fight Crime

Patrolling high-crime areas in major cities is costly and dangerous. Therefore, it is easy to understand why the use of unmanned drones can help law enforcement fight crime.  This method is a topic of discussion in law enforcement departments nationwide. Police departments can now deploy drones to improve their ability to enforce the law and […]


Using Satellite Imagery to Target Vaccine Campaigns

Satellite images that capture short-term changes in population size in communities in developing countries could help vaccination campaigns achieve more complete coverage and aid in preventing disease outbreaks. Vaccination campaigns supplement routine immunization but often fail to achieve coverage goals due to uncertainty about target population size and distribution. Short-term fluctuations in population can significantly […]

Automation in poultry processing

Poultry Inspection and Automation

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers believe they’re on the edge of a breakthrough, but they don’t want to count their chickens before they are, well, processed. In Carrollton, Georgia, at Gold Kist’s poultry processing plant, a machine vision system that was developed by GTRI is undergoing field testing.  Researchers are hopeful that the results meet […]


Automation in Agriculture

For centuries, farming was an intuitive process. Today, it’s networked, analytical, and data-driven. Large farms (1,000 acres or more) started the trend, adopting the tools of precision agriculture—using GPS-guided tractors, drones, and computer modeling to customize how each inch of land is farmed. Farm managers can measure and map things like soil acidity and nitrogen […]