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Universe Kogaku's optical lenses are used by many of the major companies in the automotive industry. Automobile manufacturers use Universe lens assemblies in the robotic equipment found on their automated assembly lines and inside their cars as well. These lenses are used in back up cameras and other location sensing devices. Universe has a lens for many automobile industry applications.  The following lenses are designed to work well for automotive needs, as well as other high resolution, vision applications. At the bottom of this page you will find excerpts of Optics News articles related to the automotive industry. If you are looking for a specific lens for your next optical project, please contact us for personal assistance from a design engineer.

Lenses for the Automotive Industry



Automobile Industry Optics News

Autonomous Vehicles
Somewhere in the not so recent past, the thought of a vehicle that could ‘drive itself’ was something right out of science fiction.  Interestingly, the future is catching up.  There is growing interest in self-driving cars following tests over the past few years by Google and research by several major automakers.  A major study released […]
Machine Vision Helps Adhesive Trend Stick in Auto Industry
As automakers race to meet federal regulations that call for higher fuel-efficiency standards — 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, automobile manufacturers are relying more and more on adhesives to join the body parts together. Ron Weber is President of USS Vision, a Livonia, Mich., machine vision integration and automated inspection system firm. In recent […]
The Advantages Of Rear-View Back Up Cameras
Back Up cameras are one of those technologies that automobile makers have been adding into their newer models because they enhance the safety of the driver and can help eliminate accidents. The wide-angle lenses that are incorporated into the technology are specifically designed for the automotive industry because the camera must operate in varying weather conditions […]
High-tech Automotive Camera Technology
High performance vehicles typically bring with them high performance technologies such as back up cameras, lane drift sensors and other in-car products to make driving safer. Optical technologies such as ghosting lenses that are suitable for CMOS imagers and miniature fisheye lenses that offer a field of view of up to 200 degrees can help […]
What Are Lane Departure Warning Systems?
Automobile technology is always evolving and safety technologies are along for the ride! Lane departure warning systems are a new technology that is designed to prevent high-speed accidents. The way the lane departure system (LDW) technology works is by monitoring the lane markings on the highways and sounds an alarm when the vehicle begins to […]
Surveillance Cameras Monitor Traffic
Traffic flows, license plate recognition and transport and traffic detection can be monitored through the use of surveillance camera technology. Whether you’re responsible for monitoring a parking lot, railway station, capturing license plate numbers or monitoring the traffic flow and traffic lights on a highway, finding the appropriate lenses to help perform the task is […]
Benefits Of Forward-Facing Vehicle Camera
Cameras in vehicles are becoming more commonplace than in the past making it safer to be behind the wheel. Rear facing cameras may help guide you into a parking space or in backing into a garage without hitting an object because they will sound an alarm if you are getting close to an obstacle. The […]
The ‘Brains’ Inside Your Vehicle
It’s a beautiful feeling. You get into your vehicle, turn the key and it starts. You can put it in drive and make it to your destination. Have you ever wondered, though, what goes on between the turning of the key and the moving of the vehicle into drive? In short, it’s the electronic control […]
Driving Without Headlights: New Tech Makes It Possible
Researchers at the Ford Motor Company in Arizona recently demonstrated the Ford Focus’s ability to use “lidar sensor technology” and three-dimensional maps to drive in the dark. In other words, the technology made it possible for the vehicle to drive in darkness without benefit of headlights. The developers say the new technology highlights the fact […]