Diode Laser Lens Assemblies

Diode Laser Lenses for CD players and scanners – standard and custom lens design

laser_lens_groupLenses for diode laser collimators, CD and DVD players, laser pointers, laser levels, laser surface inspection systems and positioning and measuring equipment. Standard and custom laser lens assemblies.

Universe Laser Lens assemblies and elements are available in standard combinations of focal lengths, wavelength, and barrel styles. We offer both glass and plastic aspheric designs to fill most typical application requirements. Our collimating lenses for diode lasers are ideal for a wide variety of instrumentation and gaging applications. Cylinder and rod lenses are available for beam sharpening, astigmatism correction, and line generation with diode lasers.

Universe's comprehensive value-added and custom design capabilities will accommodate any non-standard design or manufacturing criteria.

Applications Include: Diode-laser collimators, CD players, barcode scanners, laser pointers, laser levels, positioning and measuring equipment, laser surface inspection systems.

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